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Every good event starts with good coffee.  

Place your order and arrange a convienent pick up time 7 days a week.  orders should be placed 2 weeks in advance.  

Airpot Coffee Service
Choose 3 airpots of: regular, flavored, or decaf coffee.  Airpots will keep your coffee hot up to 6 hours.  $44.00 (plus $30 deposit for airpots which will be refunded upon return of airpots.)

Coffee Traveler
96 0z. drip coffee (12 cups)$23.95
160 oz. drip coffee (20 cups)$18.95
96 oz. Mocha Traveler (8 cups)$38.00
160 oz. Mocha Traveler (13 cups) $51.50

Airpots and travelers include paper cups with lids + sleeves, creamer, stir sticks, napkins, and sweeteners. 

Herbal hot tea $3.00/ea.
Loose leaf brewed Iced tea (Eight 16 oz. cups) $24.00
canned pop $1.25/ea
bottled water $1.00/Ea.

Freshly Baked (By the Dozen)
Muffins $32.00
Cookies $15.00
Scones $36.00
Cinnamon Rolls $42.00

PASTRY PLATTER: (12 pc.)  assortment of scones, muffins, bagels w/spread $32.00

BG Bomb Casserole: Everything delicious about our Biscuit and Gravy bombs but served casserole style $24.95


This grazing board features seasonal fresh fruit, croissants, cinnamon raisin bread, granola, yogurt, honey ham, assorted cheeses, graham crackers and our housemade banana bread hummus.  Looks too pretty to eat but tastes delicious. (Serves 10-12)$69.00

LUNCH BOXES: hearty size  cold sandwich, chips, freshly baked cookie and a canned pop or bottle water come nestled in a little box ready to impress. ​  Choose from:

Turkey: Deli sliced turkey, bacon, avocado and mozzarella slices served on sourdough bread.  Served with a side of Lettuce and tomato.$10.00

TUNA: Our pesto tuna mix topped wiht mozzarella cheese slices served on rye bread. Served with a side of fresh lettuce and tomato. $10.00

Italian Club: Deli sliced ham and salami, provolone slices, pepperocinis and black olives served on a hoagie bun, drizzled in italian dressing.  Served with a side of lettuce and tomato.$10.50

The Vegan Veggie: Stacked with leafy romaine, tomato, red onion, cucumber and avocado,  drizzled in extra virgin olive oil and served on vegan wheat bread that is smeared in hummus.$10.50


​​This grazing platter includes everything to make the perfect little sandwiches. Graze on ham and turkey slices, cheddar and swiss cheeses, croissants and sourdough bread, black and green olives, hummus, pretzels, tomatoes, grapes, fresh romaine and condiments. (Serves 10-12). $75.00


This snack platter is perfect for game day!  It includes Chicken/bacon/ranch wraps, summer sausage, cheddar and swiss cheese, crackers, baby carrots with ranch for dipping, black olives, and grapes.(Serves 10-12) $58.00

Flour tortillas wrapped around savory bratwursts and cheddar cheese. We toast 'em warm on the panini and serve them in poppable bite sizes to dip in sweet honey mustard. (Approximately 45 bites) $26.00

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